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Dr. Nikki HirshowitzWhy Every Mother Needs to Know Dr. Nikki

Hello, my name is Dr. Nikki Hirshowitz and welcome to Better Health by Design. If a friend has referred you, then you may have heard how passionate I am about helping growing families reach their ultimate health goals. The care offered here is very unique; you are recognized and celebrated as an individual and not as a file number. Every day my passion grows from meeting extraordinary families. I take a lot of pride in making my patients feel that they can count on me no matter what struggles they are facing.  Why am I so passionate? Let me tell you a little bit about myself so you can understand why I do what I do.

All I ever wanted to do was be a medical doctor. I wanted to save lives and that was the only way I knew how… or so I thought. I got accepted into the medical school of my dreams, how great! Then my world shifted. In an instant, I lost both of my parents.  I knew after trauma like that I didn’t belong in the medical field. I became a guardian for my sister and my grandmother in the blink of an eye. Having those experiences changed me. I needed something different and by fate I found chiropractic. It helped me heal as a person from the inside out. I finally learned through chiropractic that healing myself could help me heal others and allow me to be the best doctor I could possibly be. Very early in practice, I was blessed with a 2-month-old beautiful baby boy as a patient. Noted as a failure to thrive in the medical world, diagnosed with GERD to cover it up, he was very sick and the mother knew it. She went to multiple pediatricians they all said he would grow out of it in time and not to worry. She was referred to me as a last resort. As I sat with the mother, a sense of hopelessness became apparent as she explained the struggle she was in to find help for her son. In the back of her mind, she wondered I calmly explained to her that I would give 100% commitment to her child if she would meet me there. She had so much courage driving her son to my office a minimum of three times a week, never missing an appointment. She put full trust in me and the power of chiropractic, instead of becoming discouraged or allowing others to deter her decision to seek out my help.

While I was the doctor in this setting, I believe that the mother is the hero of the story. She believed someone else could help instead of conceding to “just live with” her son’s condition or “see how it turns out” and seek out someone who is truly committed to helping the people others have given up on.

My commitment level is extremely high to my family, and my practice members are family. There is no better feeling than seeing true health expressed in people, especially those with little hope because they were told it is not possible for them. No one should feel that they have fallen through the cracks. I welcome the opportunity to work with anyone who desires help. Consider this your invitation. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your family. I look forward to welcoming you into mine.

Dr. Nikki

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