Additional Services

Have a unique chiropractic need? We can help.
Let us craft a unique wellness plan for your specific needs. Here’s a list of other services we can provide here at Better Health by Design.


Wellness Care – our most popular service for patients with healthy spines and SEMG scans. We offer gentle, and effective adjustments, to maintain a healthy spine to prevent subluxations and disease. (Hands on and light Instrument Adjustments Available)

Comprehensive Spinal Radiographic Exams – including digital analysis of each curve, segment, and disc shown on your x-rays.

Computerized SEMG – Why guess when you can gauge? We use a certified state-of-the-art technology, which helps us, access the stress on your spine associated with subluxations.

Spinal Remodeling – Just like blood pressure, there are normal ranges for spinal alignment. When you fall outside of these normal ranges, the spine will degenerate faster than it should and wear like a car tire that is not properly balanced. The goal is to correct that through our comprehensive spinal care programs.

Custom Orthotics – a comprehensive approach to foot and spinal care. The leading provider of custom-made Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers makes our computerized custom-made orthotics.

Nutritional Supplements – There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of high-potency multivitamins on the market today… but there are only a few great ones out there. We carry only the best for our patients.

Food Sensitivity Testing – the only proven lab test of its kind, to help patients successfully overcome a wide variety of conditions, which result from food and chemical intolerances.

Spinal Decompression Treatment – This comprehensive, gentle treatment is for patients who have severe neck and back pain and who may have been diagnosed with severe disc disease and are potential surgery candidates. We have treated hundreds of patients where only a tiny percentage has had to have surgery. We also work closely with other healthcare specialists when the need arises.

Extremity Adjusting – from your wrists to your ankle, we can help.

TENS/ STIM Pain Relief – in rare cases these are used to help prevent or minimize the pain that can be associated with acute or chronic pain. No cost to the patient for home use.*

Athletic Exams – Most musculoskeletal pains and degenerations are due to imbalances, fixations and distortion patterns that have been ignored over a long period. Get a biostructural evaluation to achieve peak performance.

Kinesio Taping – effective for the weekend warrior to the Olympic athlete.

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