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Managing chronic pain or pain that occurs while recovering from an injury can help prevent it from becoming worse. If you don’t want to rely on medications for pain management or undergo a surgical procedure, you can find relief through chiropractic care. Better Health by Design provides patients in Cumming, Georgia, with a number of ways to keep pain under control.

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Pain Management Q & A

Have questions about how to manage pain? Here are some of the most common questions we get with some quick answers to get you started.

Chiropractic care offers a safe form of pain management that doesn’t come with side effects, adverse reactions, or complications. Medications used for managing pain usually only provide short-term relief, and you can end up becoming too dependent on them. Surgical procedures for pain management come with potentially serious risks, such as infections and bleeding. Chiropractic care can help you enjoy pain relief over a long course of time compared to more conventional forms of treatment.


Who needs chiropractic pain management?

If you have an underlying health condition that causes joint inflammation, such as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, chiropractic care at Better Health by Design can help with pain management. You can also benefit from chiropractic care if you have lingering pain from a previous injury or pain from a more recent injury that hasn’t fully healed. Chiropractic care for pain management can also help if you have problems caused by wear and tear, such as degenerative disc disease or a herniated disc.


What kinds of pain management techniques are available?

At Better Health by Design, you can have chiropractic adjustments done and have custom orthotics made to help manage pain. Other types of treatment for pain management include:

  • Spinal decompression therapy
  • Spinal remodeling
  • Extremity adjusting
  • TENS/STIM pain relief

These forms of pain management provide safe and effective ways to ensure that your pain stays under control.


How does chiropractic care help manage pain?

Chiropractic adjustments provide relief from pain by easing pressure on nerves in the treated area. These manual spinal adjustments realign your spine and other joints, which removes excess pressure and tension on nerves. This results in reduced pain and other symptoms, such as tingling.

Chiropractic adjustments also work in combination with other forms of pain management, such as spinal decompression therapy, to provide you with even more effective relief from persistent pain.


How do patients know which treatments to receive?

Better Health by Design comes up with a treatment plan to help you manage pain. This plan involves taking different factors into consideration, such as what’s causing your pain, how severe it is, and if you have any conditions that might make pain management more difficult.

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